What is Painswick Collective?

Painswick Collective is a social enterprise set up to help our village economy to thrive. The market town of Painswick (yes, it is technically a market town!) remains picturesque and vibrant, but along with towns across the country it is hugely changed from the buzzing retail centre it once was, with numerous butchers, bakers, grocers, hardware stores and more...

Painswick today boasts some incredible assets and attractions, but it's not necessarily easy for visitors to navigate and make the most of everything on offer when they are here. The first thing Painswick Collective aims to do is bring together all of the brilliant things people can do and see while they're here, and make it easier for visitors to know what's happening, when, and where. To this end a new visitor map has been created, along with a monthly What's On summary.

Initially, the focus will be on getting the map out into the village and making people aware of the What's On summaries, to make Painswick a more accessible place to visit and enjoy, but there is much more that Painswick Collective aims to do in time. The intention is that the Collective will:

  • Bring local businesses together to nurture collaboration and support each other;
  • Allow the local business community to have a stronger voice by representing their interests;
  • Support businesses to bring increased energy into our village economy.

What is a CIC?

Painswick Collective is a Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit a community rather than shareholders. This means that while it is a commercial entity and aims to make a profit (initially through map sales and advertising revenue), those profits are 'asset locked' and must be reinvested into a specified community - in this case, the business community of Painswick and its immediate surrounds.

A CIC must submit publicly available accounts each year to the CIC Regulator, as well as a report detailing its activities and impact. You can read a copy of the CIC registration form, which details in full how Painswick Collective aims to support the business community, here.

Who is behind Painswick Collective?

Painswick Collective was set up by Susie Andrews in the Spring of 2023. Susie has lived in Painswick since 2017, when she returned to the part of the world she grew up in after 20 years of living around the UK and abroad. Her background is in sustainable housing and community regeneration, and since living here she has enjoyed getting stuck into the very special community of Painswick: volunteering and then working for The Painswick Centre for a total of five years, organising community events like the Jubilee Bunting and Love Painswick fairs, as well as supporting the incredible community celebrations that are the Painswick Feast and the Goodwill Evening.

Pre-Covid, Susie was also involved in facilitating some local business networking through a series of 'Business Breakfasts'. Through these it became very clear that there was a huge appetite for local businesses to collaborate and work together, but no real framework through which to do this. Several ideas started to come into focus at this time, and although they were halted for a time due to Covid, Painswick Collective comes directly out of those Business Breakfasts, and the map & What's On summaries are its first tangible products.

Susie Andrews